How the Dragon of old deceived unsaved man. And why the 1st beast, despite suffering a mortal wound, was healed and power given to the second beast to mark those who worship the first beast. This time not through reincarnated man but through the transhuman ……

If you have been following the development of this blog you may be beginning to see the meaning of the book of Revelation in the Bible when it talks about the first beast surviving a deadly wound. The first beast, this time a World political and false religion, will control the unsaved human race who will be deceived into accepting yet again the Mark of the second beast, transhumanism.

Up unto now, reincarnation, daily sacrifice is still in effect for the unsaved/unsealed. Those under the curse of the first beast do not die as those with the Mark of the Beast reincarnate i.e the deadly wound is healed. But at some point there will be a shift as the human biological body is replaced by a transhuman body as there will be no more reincarnation or coming back. The daily sacrifice has ended, symbolising the end of reincarnation. The saved, past and present,those sealed by God, are at rest, asleep, awaiting resurrection. Any saved still living at this point will be persecuted by the world system, New World Order, for not taking the Mark of the Beast. Transhuman creation is the new solution to immortality here on earth under this false political system.

The Bible talks about this in the context of the daily sacrifice being taken away i.e. Reincarnation has ended but has been replaced by the second beast. But by this point, due to human souls trapped in non biological bodies, there is no escape in death. No seventh day/Sabbath rest for those not covered by Grace but are under old covenant law. The book of Revelation describes how this creation will want to die but cannot.

The utopian dream, the New World Order political system, will end and be replaced with the hell on earth that finally has full bondage to a trapped soul. The deceptive New Age spirituality as in the past, has no power to save. It was only ever a false promise and tool offered by the Dragon to entrap the souls of mankind through the sin of pride. The Spirit of Antichrist, 666, is rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and the repeated number 6 is symbolic of the repetition of man’s earthly lives, without the rest of the 7th day i.e. Soul Sleep.

The command has always been to keep holy the Sabbath Rest i.e. through salvation to rest at end of our life in anticipation of a resurrected glorified body when Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath, returns. The same soul, but a glorified body, our corrupted physical bodies long gone.

And the solution has always been grace, accepting the onetime sacrifice of the Saviour, Jesus whose mission was always to offer the way out of bondage. At this point there is still time…accept Grace and reject the Mark of the Beast… Sabbath Rest at death or reincarnation. We don’t know when the opportunity finishes to accept Grace, but the daily sacrifice i.e. death cycle of reincarnation bondage will end at some point for all who are left. But this time, under the second beast, in the form of entrapment in a transhuman body.. A corruption of a biological body with Artificial Intelligence and human souls and minds through genetic and biological engineering in pursuit of immortality. This is the final deception to be as gods/fallen angels/biblical nephalim.

In the biblical book of Daniel it talks about the final kingdom before Jesus’ return, described as a mixture of iron and clay, perhaps a description of man’s biological body from clay mixed with iron of the transhuman construction. It also talks about this kingdom being destroyed by the true Creator of the universe. Perhaps for the second and final time in our history…as in the days of Noah….

What is the motivation for this? The survival of the disembodied angels of old from the rebellion and their offspring, the Nephalim. The Bible talks about their final demise in the book of Revelation.

Time is short, Jesus will return. We still have the choice.

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