The Quantum God

Easter time and for many, miracles come to mind. The resurrection of Jesus recognised by Christians at this time.

It is said that a miracle is just science waiting to be discovered and that has proven to be true in so many areas of scientific progress to date.

Take for example the mind bending double slit experiment in quantum physics. This experiment seems to be saying that photons of light are both waves and particles depending on whether there is an observer present. However this has only been observed up to an atomic level and cannot yet be repeated on a much larger level. Or can it?

The thought experiment, Shrodinger’s Cat, where the possibility of the cat being both dead and alive at the same time up until the point of observation, is another well known example where quantum physics may lead us in the future or maybe back to the past according to the biblical records of miracles.

But just for argument sake, what if the object of observation is enlarged to a level of dense matter, e.g. a human being and proportionately the observer to the level of the magnified consciousness of a creator God. Does that explain what some call the supernatural?

Take this thought experiment further, and that may begin the road to scientifically explaining how God may interact in this physical world. Thinking this through,the reality of an event in the world of dense physical matter is only decided by the observation of an omnipresent observer, being God. The comparison comes to mind, of the analogy of ants observed by humans, compared to humans observed by the Creator God. The main difference being, the Creator having a dynamic, invested relationship in His creation, if we the creation, chooses that, ‘choose’ being the operative word.

It may also start a discussion about how our free will choices can direct the reality of future events, which, according to the quantum world, seem to be hanging in limbo in time and space, until a conscious observer, man, directs that event. God, the omnipotent and omnipresent observer can intervene with the outcome if man acknowledges the Creator God’s power, often through prayer and conversation with God requesting His intervention. Or God’s own freewill choices.

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