Revisit the book of Hebrews in the New Testament Bible

If you have read my previous blogs about reincarnation and Christianity, now is the time to read again with fresh eyes, the book of Hebrews. And the entire Bible.

As you read, bare in mind the following points I have previously made about this subject:

There is no confliction with the belief in the existence of Christianity and reincarnation.

There is a confliction with denying the power of either or both and requires an understanding how it works.

The number one reason why Jesus came was to conquer the bondage of reincarnation, a cycle of sin and death, for believers, even if this must take many lifetimes of bondage.

There is a time limit on opportunity and we don’t know when that is.

This process of grace is the only way for salvation, despite claims of perfection through works or knowledge alone. That is Antichrist riding the beast i.e.reincarnation.

Yes it can be personified and the movement named as it has been many times throughout history. But the spirit is always one of pride and rebellion against our Creator. Refer to rebellion of Lucifer, and Adam and Eve in Genesis.

The entire Bible contains symbolism, especially numbers and feast days e.g. Jewish passover etc. and relates directly to this very issue of reincarnation and how it was cancelled by the Cross.

God’s plan is driven by love, sacrifice, mercy, humility and grace, the enemy’s plan is about retribution, pride and bondage to sin, karma etc. through the reincarnation cycle.

God allows reincarnation only for our opportunity for salvation but warns there is a timeframe involved and to be watchful of the signs.

Fact. Reincarnation, once largely an eastern concept, has been westernised and gaining popularity e.g. New Age Movement etc.

The danger is it has not been identified as the resurrected beast of the book of Revelation.

The Good News, the Mark of the Beast, reincarnation is erased through the Cross.

The bad news, we are all running out of time. Jesus is coming back, we don’t know when, but He warned us to be ready.

So, Sabbath rest is not just a day, it is about rest from labour, earthly toil and everything that is bad about life including suffering through the cycle of death. Jesus came to set us free from that cycle, only a Creator God has that power and can make that claim.

If we die in that state of grace, we sleep the sleep of true rest until His return. If not, well, we are all back again. No hell apart from the present, and believe Jesus when He says it is going to get increasingly more hellish here on earth. The unsaved soul returns but at some point, total annihilation and regret if we so choose and stubbornly ignore His gift of grace.

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