The Deception

If you have been reading my previous blogs, you may be wondering where this is leading?

If reincarnation described here is true and the Mark of the Beast is a sign of bondage to it and Jesus’ atoning sacrifice is the means we are saved from it, then The false prophet and Antichrist are what keeps us in this cycle of bondage I describe as the reincarnation cycle. The closest any later form of Christianity has come to describing it maybe a concept of Purgatory. But an earthly one.

Why is this important?

The Bible also talks about the last days, probation coming to an end in history and real time. It also says no man can know the exact time except for certain signs that it is close. Then with opportunities for salvation exhausted, evil rampant, the end will come.

If we are in those times or not, it means suffering can be stopped in its tracks at the end of our present life if we know our true predicament and act on it now.

Jesus warning about these times.

Jesus did not mince words when He said to be on guard about sometimes subtle deception that becomes obvious when it is too late. Look for the signs now. The deception is clothed to deceive maybe even those that believe they have the truth already.

So how can we see the deception for what it is. The bible gives us a description of the characteristics of Antichrist and false prophet.

e.g believing he is God or equal to God, sound familiar? And promising everyone can be too, sound familiar? Remember the serpent’s deception in the Garden of Eden. A false concept of love. Narcissistic tendencies rather than a humble, servant heart. False signs and wonders, a beast of many faces, and a false sense of spiritual evolution etc.

Remember, we are not saved by believing how good we are but believing how good God is. Deep down we know we all fall short and we can never save ourselves through our own efforts alone. It would always be an imperfect sacrifice.

If any of this is sounding familiar, it should, as current popular belief systems are springing up with these beliefs worldwide. Some are very persuasive as expected and prophesied. The false prophet has always been in our midst but is gaining ground because we have lost our way again. It has been called by many names in recent times, New Age Movement, the Beast of many faces, and Age of Aquarius etc But it does not need a spiritual implication necessarily. eg. we are living in the age of narcissism. Have a look at 2 Timothy 3:2 in the New Testament. It talks about people becoming lovers of self.

But it often has a spiritual element attached to it as well so it’s net becomes broader as many are desperately seeking meaning in a world quickly losing any sense of meaning.

So not a lot has changed since the beginning. We are continually deceived by the promise of our own power and status without the need to honour the true God, our true rest.

How do we honour God?

The point of it all is we can’t. Not alone or without God’s intervention. He has intervened before in our history but we somehow manage to fall back to old ways and invent new ways to believe we are on the right track, The intervention that truly saves is the blood sacrifice of Jesus, an act of atonement which is the only way the table was turned because it ticked all the boxes for true salvation. Unconditional love, ultimate power taking on a servant spirit, vicarious sacrifice i.e. God through Jesus taking our place and conquering sin and death (reincarnation cycle of death), on our behalf i.e. grace. But we need to understand our present status, our need for salvation and approach the altar with a humble heart. Anything else is Antichrist. We honour God by accepting His grace.

How we personally respond to grace is key to our personal salvation. Many have responded and believed but have lost their way. The answers they seek have not been sufficiently answered but that does not mean there are no answers. Jesus instructed us to seek further.

This changes things. Christianity got a lot right..grace, but failed to see the full meaning of our bondage and invented numerous ways to interpret and enforce what became wrong answers to good questions. Other religions have kept reincarnation alive but failed to see the means of freedom from the bondage which is grace, but instead trying to perfect ourselves which has always proved impossible.

What is important now at this time is distinguishing the deception from the Truth and this can only happen by not just running with every new philosophy out there, but seeing the old with fresh eyes, through the grace of God.

In conclusion to this discussion, I’d like to add on a personal level I got caught up in the New Age philosophy for a short period of time in my life so I understand the subtleties involved in the deception. It was only through God’s amazing grace helping me to understand where the philosophy has become part of the deception of which Jesus warned, especially for the so-called end times.

I look forward to further thoughts on this subject, I believe it is a process of seeking Truth, the Truth that sets us free.

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