The Mark of the Beast

In this blog I would like to expand my reincarnation theme to help explain the Mark of the Beast meaning. My assumption is that most who are reading this blog have an interest in this subject and have previously read other interpretations. That being said, I won’t take up time going over old biblical references at length but will refer briefly to some relevant biblical reference.

I will start at the beginning with the Book of Genesis and the Cain and Abel story where after murdering his brother, Cain separates from his family and is destined to wander the earth. His concern is that he will be killed by others because of his crime. So God marks him so he would not be killed. At this point, I will link bondage in Egypt i.e. earth, of the Israelites and consequently being set free. Symbolising salvation.

Jump now to the last book in the Bible the book of Revelation. It talks about the Mark of the beast and numbers 666. It separates those people with the Mark and those who do not have it. In Revelation 14:11 it says that those receiving the Mark receive no rest from their labour i.e. the Reincarnation cycle.

Now here is where the Sabbath rest comes into play. These are deep concepts that I will simplify with numbers that are used throughout the Bible. The number of man is 6, e.g. God created man on the 6th day. The number of completion and rest is 7 e.g. seventh day, Sabbath, God rested from His work on the Seventh day of creation. He hallowed that day for man to seek the rest God ordained. Later He clearly made a point of including it in the Ten Commandments. The karmic/sin cycle began with the first physical death, the murder of Abel by Cain. Cain was marked and his soul did not die but became part of the cycle of death, reincarnation.

The number 666 is repetition of man through the cycle and not the antichrist but the beast who honours antichrist often by default by not honouring the Sabbath Rest on the 7th day. Not the physical day but the symbol of resting from labour. The Rest In Peace at the end of an earthly life.

Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and is our Sabbath Rest. He conquered the death cycle i.e. reincarnation at the cross. Refer to my previous blog The Truth will set you free. There has been much deception around this philosophy of reincarnation. It’s not that it isn’t real but it is sold as something we have control over as far as perfecting ourselves to the degree where the atoning blood sacrifice of the Saviour is diminished. And therein is the lie.

In my next blog I will be talking more about the deception spoken of and warned about by Jesus and the relevancy for this time.

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