The Truth shall set you free…

So what are we being set free from ? A very valid question. I am suggesting in this discussion that many of the claims in Christianity work together to give an in depth understanding to this question.

I would like to suggest that Reincarnation and release from bondage concept in Christianity intersected at the Cross. In fact the necessity of reincarnation was blown apart by the sacrificial death of the Saviour. This is called grace in Christian language and according to Christian belief, needs to be accepted by the person to take effect. The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament is very relevant.

In a nutshell, the Book of Hebrews is talking on the importance of faith, specifically in the Creator God. It also talks at length about the sacrificial system of the ancient Israelites and this theme is carried into the symbolism of the cross, and hence the ultimate blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is a substitutionary act replacing Old Covenant daily blood sacrifice of animals. A more perfect and acceptable sacrifice. One that has deep symbolic meaning as the final act which in the context of reincarnation cancels out personal sin and karma for those who accept the grace offered. The result being reincarnation is no longer a reality for true believers in grace but continues for others, with further opportunities to accept this salvation. Perhaps though, there is an unknown timeframe involved of which no man can be sure of when opportunity ends.

The other symbolism that pertains to this concept of salvation in the bible is Sabbath rest. Taken further and delved deeper it can lead to an understanding of not only spiritual rest, search is over, but a physical rest, body and soul are at rest, free of a cycle of bondage i.e.reincarnation cycle cancelled. Perfected man a fallacy and replaced by a humbled, but forgiven man by the power of grace and faith, not works alone which can never takeaway sin as stated throughout the New Testament, but replaced with a better Covenant than the old sacrficial system.

Understood in this light, reincarnation is also a cycle of death, a blood sacrifice that isn’t what a loving God wants. There is too much suffering involved. So He gives His creation a choice, a free gift, but one that involves humility and faith on our part, and ultimate sacrifice of His son on His part.

Happy to hear your thoughts on this…

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