How the Dragon of old deceived unsaved man. And why the 1st beast, despite suffering a mortal wound, was healed and power given to the second beast to mark those who worship the first beast. This time not through reincarnated man but through the transhuman ……

If you have been following the development of this blog you may be beginning to see the meaning of the book of Revelation in the Bible when it talks about the first beast surviving a deadly wound. The first beast, this time a World political and false religion, will control the unsaved human race who will be deceived into accepting yet again the Mark of the second beast, transhumanism.

Up unto now, reincarnation, daily sacrifice is still in effect for the unsaved/unsealed. Those under the curse of the first beast do not die as those with the Mark of the Beast reincarnate i.e the deadly wound is healed. But at some point there will be a shift as the human biological body is replaced by a transhuman body as there will be no more reincarnation or coming back. The daily sacrifice has ended, symbolising the end of reincarnation. The saved, past and present,those sealed by God, are at rest, asleep, awaiting resurrection. Any saved still living at this point will be persecuted by the world system, New World Order, for not taking the Mark of the Beast. Transhuman creation is the new solution to immortality here on earth under this false political system.

The Bible talks about this in the context of the daily sacrifice being taken away i.e. Reincarnation has ended but has been replaced by the second beast. But by this point, due to human souls trapped in non biological bodies, there is no escape in death. No seventh day/Sabbath rest for those not covered by Grace but are under old covenant law. The book of Revelation describes how this creation will want to die but cannot.

The utopian dream, the New World Order political system, will end and be replaced with the hell on earth that finally has full bondage to a trapped soul. The deceptive New Age spirituality as in the past, has no power to save. It was only ever a false promise and tool offered by the Dragon to entrap the souls of mankind through the sin of pride. The Spirit of Antichrist, 666, is rejection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and the repeated number 6 is symbolic of the repetition of man’s earthly lives, without the rest of the 7th day i.e. Soul Sleep.

The command has always been to keep holy the Sabbath Rest i.e. through salvation to rest at end of our life in anticipation of a resurrected glorified body when Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath, returns. The same soul, but a glorified body, our corrupted physical bodies long gone.

And the solution has always been grace, accepting the onetime sacrifice of the Saviour, Jesus whose mission was always to offer the way out of bondage. At this point there is still time…accept Grace and reject the Mark of the Beast… Sabbath Rest at death or reincarnation. We don’t know when the opportunity finishes to accept Grace, but the daily sacrifice i.e. death cycle of reincarnation bondage will end at some point for all who are left. But this time, under the second beast, in the form of entrapment in a transhuman body.. A corruption of a biological body with Artificial Intelligence and human souls and minds through genetic and biological engineering in pursuit of immortality. This is the final deception to be as gods/fallen angels/biblical nephalim.

In the biblical book of Daniel it talks about the final kingdom before Jesus’ return, described as a mixture of iron and clay, perhaps a description of man’s biological body from clay mixed with iron of the transhuman construction. It also talks about this kingdom being destroyed by the true Creator of the universe. Perhaps for the second and final time in our history…as in the days of Noah….

What is the motivation for this? The survival of the disembodied angels of old from the rebellion and their offspring, the Nephalim. The Bible talks about their final demise in the book of Revelation.

Time is short, Jesus will return. We still have the choice.

The Quantum God

Easter time and for many, miracles come to mind. The resurrection of Jesus recognised by Christians at this time.

It is said that a miracle is just science waiting to be discovered and that has proven to be true in so many areas of scientific progress to date.

Take for example the mind bending double slit experiment in quantum physics. This experiment seems to be saying that photons of light are both waves and particles depending on whether there is an observer present. However this has only been observed up to an atomic level and cannot yet be repeated on a much larger level. Or can it?

The thought experiment, Shrodinger’s Cat, where the possibility of the cat being both dead and alive at the same time up until the point of observation, is another well known example where quantum physics may lead us in the future or maybe back to the past according to the biblical records of miracles.

But just for argument sake, what if the object of observation is enlarged to a level of dense matter, e.g. a human being and proportionately the observer to the level of the magnified consciousness of a creator God. Does that explain what some call the supernatural?

Take this thought experiment further, and that may begin the road to scientifically explaining how God may interact in this physical world. Thinking this through,the reality of an event in the world of dense physical matter is only decided by the observation of an omnipresent observer, being God. The comparison comes to mind, of the analogy of ants observed by humans, compared to humans observed by the Creator God. The main difference being, the Creator having a dynamic, invested relationship in His creation, if we the creation, chooses that, ‘choose’ being the operative word.

It may also start a discussion about how our free will choices can direct the reality of future events, which, according to the quantum world, seem to be hanging in limbo in time and space, until a conscious observer, man, directs that event. God, the omnipotent and omnipresent observer can intervene with the outcome if man acknowledges the Creator God’s power, often through prayer and conversation with God requesting His intervention. Or God’s own freewill choices.

Revisit the book of Hebrews in the New Testament Bible

If you have read my previous blogs about reincarnation and Christianity, now is the time to read again with fresh eyes, the book of Hebrews. And the entire Bible.

As you read, bare in mind the following points I have previously made about this subject:

There is no confliction with the belief in the existence of Christianity and reincarnation.

There is a confliction with denying the power of either or both and requires an understanding how it works.

The number one reason why Jesus came was to conquer the bondage of reincarnation, a cycle of sin and death, for believers, even if this must take many lifetimes of bondage.

There is a time limit on opportunity and we don’t know when that is.

This process of grace is the only way for salvation, despite claims of perfection through works or knowledge alone. That is Antichrist riding the beast i.e.reincarnation.

Yes it can be personified and the movement named as it has been many times throughout history. But the spirit is always one of pride and rebellion against our Creator. Refer to rebellion of Lucifer, and Adam and Eve in Genesis.

The entire Bible contains symbolism, especially numbers and feast days e.g. Jewish passover etc. and relates directly to this very issue of reincarnation and how it was cancelled by the Cross.

God’s plan is driven by love, sacrifice, mercy, humility and grace, the enemy’s plan is about retribution, pride and bondage to sin, karma etc. through the reincarnation cycle.

God allows reincarnation only for our opportunity for salvation but warns there is a timeframe involved and to be watchful of the signs.

Fact. Reincarnation, once largely an eastern concept, has been westernised and gaining popularity e.g. New Age Movement etc.

The danger is it has not been identified as the resurrected beast of the book of Revelation.

The Good News, the Mark of the Beast, reincarnation is erased through the Cross.

The bad news, we are all running out of time. Jesus is coming back, we don’t know when, but He warned us to be ready.

So, Sabbath rest is not just a day, it is about rest from labour, earthly toil and everything that is bad about life including suffering through the cycle of death. Jesus came to set us free from that cycle, only a Creator God has that power and can make that claim.

If we die in that state of grace, we sleep the sleep of true rest until His return. If not, well, we are all back again. No hell apart from the present, and believe Jesus when He says it is going to get increasingly more hellish here on earth. The unsaved soul returns but at some point, total annihilation and regret if we so choose and stubbornly ignore His gift of grace.

The Deception

If you have been reading my previous blogs, you may be wondering where this is leading?

If reincarnation described here is true and the Mark of the Beast is a sign of bondage to it and Jesus’ atoning sacrifice is the means we are saved from it, then The false prophet and Antichrist are what keeps us in this cycle of bondage I describe as the reincarnation cycle. The closest any later form of Christianity has come to describing it maybe a concept of Purgatory. But an earthly one.

Why is this important?

The Bible also talks about the last days, probation coming to an end in history and real time. It also says no man can know the exact time except for certain signs that it is close. Then with opportunities for salvation exhausted, evil rampant, the end will come.

If we are in those times or not, it means suffering can be stopped in its tracks at the end of our present life if we know our true predicament and act on it now.

Jesus warning about these times.

Jesus did not mince words when He said to be on guard about sometimes subtle deception that becomes obvious when it is too late. Look for the signs now. The deception is clothed to deceive maybe even those that believe they have the truth already.

So how can we see the deception for what it is. The bible gives us a description of the characteristics of Antichrist and false prophet.

e.g believing he is God or equal to God, sound familiar? And promising everyone can be too, sound familiar? Remember the serpent’s deception in the Garden of Eden. A false concept of love. Narcissistic tendencies rather than a humble, servant heart. False signs and wonders, a beast of many faces, and a false sense of spiritual evolution etc.

Remember, we are not saved by believing how good we are but believing how good God is. Deep down we know we all fall short and we can never save ourselves through our own efforts alone. It would always be an imperfect sacrifice.

If any of this is sounding familiar, it should, as current popular belief systems are springing up with these beliefs worldwide. Some are very persuasive as expected and prophesied. The false prophet has always been in our midst but is gaining ground because we have lost our way again. It has been called by many names in recent times, New Age Movement, the Beast of many faces, and Age of Aquarius etc But it does not need a spiritual implication necessarily. eg. we are living in the age of narcissism. Have a look at 2 Timothy 3:2 in the New Testament. It talks about people becoming lovers of self.

But it often has a spiritual element attached to it as well so it’s net becomes broader as many are desperately seeking meaning in a world quickly losing any sense of meaning.

So not a lot has changed since the beginning. We are continually deceived by the promise of our own power and status without the need to honour the true God, our true rest.

How do we honour God?

The point of it all is we can’t. Not alone or without God’s intervention. He has intervened before in our history but we somehow manage to fall back to old ways and invent new ways to believe we are on the right track, The intervention that truly saves is the blood sacrifice of Jesus, an act of atonement which is the only way the table was turned because it ticked all the boxes for true salvation. Unconditional love, ultimate power taking on a servant spirit, vicarious sacrifice i.e. God through Jesus taking our place and conquering sin and death (reincarnation cycle of death), on our behalf i.e. grace. But we need to understand our present status, our need for salvation and approach the altar with a humble heart. Anything else is Antichrist. We honour God by accepting His grace.

How we personally respond to grace is key to our personal salvation. Many have responded and believed but have lost their way. The answers they seek have not been sufficiently answered but that does not mean there are no answers. Jesus instructed us to seek further.

This changes things. Christianity got a lot right..grace, but failed to see the full meaning of our bondage and invented numerous ways to interpret and enforce what became wrong answers to good questions. Other religions have kept reincarnation alive but failed to see the means of freedom from the bondage which is grace, but instead trying to perfect ourselves which has always proved impossible.

What is important now at this time is distinguishing the deception from the Truth and this can only happen by not just running with every new philosophy out there, but seeing the old with fresh eyes, through the grace of God.

In conclusion to this discussion, I’d like to add on a personal level I got caught up in the New Age philosophy for a short period of time in my life so I understand the subtleties involved in the deception. It was only through God’s amazing grace helping me to understand where the philosophy has become part of the deception of which Jesus warned, especially for the so-called end times.

I look forward to further thoughts on this subject, I believe it is a process of seeking Truth, the Truth that sets us free.

The Mark of the Beast

In this blog I would like to expand my reincarnation theme to help explain the Mark of the Beast meaning. My assumption is that most who are reading this blog have an interest in this subject and have previously read other interpretations. That being said, I won’t take up time going over old biblical references at length but will refer briefly to some relevant biblical reference.

I will start at the beginning with the Book of Genesis and the Cain and Abel story where after murdering his brother, Cain separates from his family and is destined to wander the earth. His concern is that he will be killed by others because of his crime. So God marks him so he would not be killed. At this point, I will link bondage in Egypt i.e. earth, of the Israelites and consequently being set free. Symbolising salvation.

Jump now to the last book in the Bible the book of Revelation. It talks about the Mark of the beast and numbers 666. It separates those people with the Mark and those who do not have it. In Revelation 14:11 it says that those receiving the Mark receive no rest from their labour i.e. the Reincarnation cycle.

Now here is where the Sabbath rest comes into play. These are deep concepts that I will simplify with numbers that are used throughout the Bible. The number of man is 6, e.g. God created man on the 6th day. The number of completion and rest is 7 e.g. seventh day, Sabbath, God rested from His work on the Seventh day of creation. He hallowed that day for man to seek the rest God ordained. Later He clearly made a point of including it in the Ten Commandments. The karmic/sin cycle began with the first physical death, the murder of Abel by Cain. Cain was marked and his soul did not die but became part of the cycle of death, reincarnation.

The number 666 is repetition of man through the cycle and not the antichrist but the beast who honours antichrist often by default by not honouring the Sabbath Rest on the 7th day. Not the physical day but the symbol of resting from labour. The Rest In Peace at the end of an earthly life.

Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and is our Sabbath Rest. He conquered the death cycle i.e. reincarnation at the cross. Refer to my previous blog The Truth will set you free. There has been much deception around this philosophy of reincarnation. It’s not that it isn’t real but it is sold as something we have control over as far as perfecting ourselves to the degree where the atoning blood sacrifice of the Saviour is diminished. And therein is the lie.

In my next blog I will be talking more about the deception spoken of and warned about by Jesus and the relevancy for this time.

The Truth shall set you free…

So what are we being set free from ? A very valid question. I am suggesting in this discussion that many of the claims in Christianity work together to give an in depth understanding to this question.

I would like to suggest that Reincarnation and release from bondage concept in Christianity intersected at the Cross. In fact the necessity of reincarnation was blown apart by the sacrificial death of the Saviour. This is called grace in Christian language and according to Christian belief, needs to be accepted by the person to take effect. The Book of Hebrews in the New Testament is very relevant.

In a nutshell, the Book of Hebrews is talking on the importance of faith, specifically in the Creator God. It also talks at length about the sacrificial system of the ancient Israelites and this theme is carried into the symbolism of the cross, and hence the ultimate blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is a substitutionary act replacing Old Covenant daily blood sacrifice of animals. A more perfect and acceptable sacrifice. One that has deep symbolic meaning as the final act which in the context of reincarnation cancels out personal sin and karma for those who accept the grace offered. The result being reincarnation is no longer a reality for true believers in grace but continues for others, with further opportunities to accept this salvation. Perhaps though, there is an unknown timeframe involved of which no man can be sure of when opportunity ends.

The other symbolism that pertains to this concept of salvation in the bible is Sabbath rest. Taken further and delved deeper it can lead to an understanding of not only spiritual rest, search is over, but a physical rest, body and soul are at rest, free of a cycle of bondage i.e.reincarnation cycle cancelled. Perfected man a fallacy and replaced by a humbled, but forgiven man by the power of grace and faith, not works alone which can never takeaway sin as stated throughout the New Testament, but replaced with a better Covenant than the old sacrficial system.

Understood in this light, reincarnation is also a cycle of death, a blood sacrifice that isn’t what a loving God wants. There is too much suffering involved. So He gives His creation a choice, a free gift, but one that involves humility and faith on our part, and ultimate sacrifice of His son on His part.

Happy to hear your thoughts on this…